Dual ARM core M4-M3 PMLC

Open-Chassis for research and development

Low latency, off-internet PMLC R&D platform

Dual ARM core PMLC available in open-chassis format rail for R&D of machine learning systems. Rutherfordium has been developed as an engineering reference model for engineers developing their own products and want an easy start.

Pre-designed in sensors on the board are temperature, and an accelerometer.

Product features further include, self-powered real time clock, micro SD card, USB bootloading/debug/power, diagnostic LEDs, UART and our enhanced serial bus (ESB)  for a sensor daughter boards. The four-connector port is compliant with many third party daughter boards. Coupled with EMC test data, this is a powerful system.

Programming the M4 requires one of many standard IDE suites. Kiel, IAR and mbed are all usable. The M7 co-processor M3 contains machine learning algorithms that are easily accessible by code. System control is managed by the M3 ARM core device, enabling the M4 to focus solely on the application.